About Heavy Timber Truss & Frame

Heavy Timber Truss & Frame was started in 2009 to complete several projects when another timber frame company went out of business. It has always been about taking care of our clients by finding the best people, the best timbers and the best design to achieve the highest quality timber framing . Over many years of using high performance structural insulated panel we've found that they provide energy efficiency beyond what is available in conventional construction and timber framing and structural insulated panels are a natural combination of products.
Likewise we have found that supplying the floor systems, pre engineered trusses in non timbered areas and the windows and doors save you time and often dollars. When you have a completed energy efficient weather tight envelope completed by our installation crew you are definitely off on the right foot.

The partners that guide this company have many years experience in building as well as the production of timber framed homes. You can count on their experience to help you with the many decisions that will make your new home unique and individual to your needs.

Our representative network has the experience in your region to help you by walking your property and helping you determine where the best spot is to place your home. They can communicate effectively with your builder or they may even be a builder or they can help you find a quality builder. All the representatives are experienced at guiding thei customers in regard to determining an overall house budget. They are your "go to" person if you need to wrangle the numbers to fit your budget. Our representative can also explain the many options and additional products that are available through HTT&F .

At HTT&F it is all about our clients. We have a great group of peoplewho are respectful of your needs and will work hard every day to make your home buying, designing and building experience respectful of your needs and enjoyable throughout the process.
Our lead designer has been designing timber frame homes for 18 years and has a knack for listening closely to your wants and needs to get the right proportions on paper. His range of experience covers everything from vacation homes to primary residences to commercial structures to pergolas. He will guide you through the design process and make it fun.

Our experienced raising and installation crew is just awesome. Having us raise the timber frame and install the building envelope components leaves your local general contractor to do what they do best while at the same time staying in their comfort zone. We are known for working well with local builders and their crews.

Our representatives are located from Baltimore to St.Louis and are all adept in guiding you through the entire building process. They have strengths that will compliment your individual project. All the representatives are experienced with working within a budget and can help you with gathering final costs of the project to determine where the project will come in and can give advice on how to best meet your budget. Your representative will guide you during the building process answering questions and smoothing the way as your project moves forward.

Supporting Services and Crews

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