Post and Beam

Post and Beam is a type of heavy timber construction that Heavy Timber Truss and Frame offers as an alternate to traditional timber framing. The result of either construction method is an exposed timber product. There are distinct differences in the construction method and how the finished frames look. Generally Post and Beam is just as the title describes vertical posts that directly support horizontal beams. Each floor is an independent system. Post spacing is generally closer together to support the beams and the loads from above. Connections are usually exposed plate metal with through bolts. Post and Beam construction is the common terminology that many people use when describing timber framing construction.

Traditional timber framing is different than Post and Beam in that the posts run vertically to the ridge or the sill plate. Timber trusses run perpendicular to and support the ridge beam. Often a series of timber trusses will be used in series to create a large open floor plan such as a Great Room. There are different styles of heavy timber trusses. Heavy Timber Truss and Frame will work with you to find the style truss that both supports the roof loads and is most appealing to you. Please see the Components section to learn more about the different styles of timber trusses available.
The other major difference between Post and Beam and traditional timber framing is in the connections and joinery. Traditional timber framing is held together with a mortise and tenon connection and completed with a wooden peg. The only exposed part is the end of the wooden peg which can be cut flush or left proud of the timber. This differs substantially from the typical Post and Beam steel plate connection and through bolts.

Heavy Timber Truss and Frame is pleased to use the heavy timber construction method you prefer. When asked we will most often recommend the traditional method of mortise and tenon with wooden peg joinery as it is the more of the historically true method.

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