Site Evaluation and Installation

Evaluating a site can be done in a number of ways.

A topographical survey can provide the grade changes and we can set the house right from that information.

Digital cameras can provide a panorama video view by standing in one spot and slowly rotating from north to east, pause, east to south, pause, etc. Please stop at a view that is important to you and tell us why. Most Smartphone's will capture your comments and pass them on with the pictures so we can "see and hear" what is important to you.

Google Earth is another cool tool technology available to us in the last few years. We have been able to actually place a rendering of a home right on the lot digitally to see how they will look. Amazing!!

Actual site visits are sometimes important as well. Here we can walk the lot together and discuss the important elements to take advantage off.
Your local rep will discuss all of these options with you to decide which approach is best for you.

Installation by an experienced quality crew... Heavy Timber Truss & Frame offers a full crew service to raise the frame, set all the SIPs wall and roof panels, install the window and doors and complete the weather tight shell by wrapping the outside with Tyvek and cover the roof with Titanium. If requested we will set the floor decks, build and place the interior partitions, timber stair system and install the tongue and groove pre-stained paneling or, work with your local team to complete these tasks.

Our crews are experienced installers of each of the home envelope component. They know how they integrate with each other and understand the importance of tight fits, proper joinery, caulking and sealing. Their experience will get your building process off to a quick start with a quality installation.

We also offer an option of sending a site supervisor to guide and work with your local carpentry crew. This can help reduce labor cost by having an experienced supervisor on site to guide and assure a quality installation.

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