Meet the Team

Bruce Bode has 25 years experience in the housing industry and specifically in the timber frame industry since 2005. Originally a builder and journeyman carpenter, he has built conventional homes that ranged in size from 500 SF to 15,000SF, log homes of all shapes and styles and timber framed homes from full frames to hybrids to simply components. Bruce will help guide you through the process to achieving your goal of having a beautiful timber framed home.

Bruce services clients in all the areas not represented by our Independent Representatives and directly works with all Independent Representatives and their clientele.

Bruce Bode - Sales & Design Manager and Partner

Terry Bumgardner - Production Manager and Partner

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Kevin Perdue's interest in timber framing culminated in the design and construction of a 3,800 sq. ft. craftsman-style bungalow for his family in Havre de Grace, Maryland. After serving as the general contractor and undertaking much of the work himself, Perdue was ready to start representing Heavy Timber Truss & Frame and helping others build their own custom timber frame homes.

Kevin primarily services clients in the northeast Maryland, Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania.

Kevin Perdue - Independent Representative

Jim Ince came to Heavy Timber Truss & Frame as a successful custom homebuilder in the St. Louis, Missouri area. He has been building custom homes since 1990, but he fell in love with the aesthetic beauty, efficiency, quality and ease of assembly of timber framed homes after building one for a client in Franklin County, Missouri in 2008.

Jim   primarily services clients in the Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky areas.

Jim Ince - Independent Representative

Terry Bumgardner has 32 years experience in the housing industry where he has worked in timber frame manufacturing since 2004 . Terry's experience includes quality assurance and management duties for a panelized house factory and building custom lake homes. Terry has also worked as a production/plant manager and a quality control manager in timber frame manufacturing. As production manager, Terry will guide the frame cutting, finish sanding, application of high quality finishes, packaging of the timber framing, loading of the shipment, and be responsible for all trucking to the site.

Bill and Wes Steele are a father & son team that owns and operates SCI Timber Framing, Fern Mountain Development and a specialized timber frame installation crew. Bill has established a reputation for excellence in the timber frame home building industry over the past 30 years. He is most often found on-site working with his skilled crew.

Wes Steele, P.E. has been involved with the entire timber framing process from design to completion for the past 15+ years. Along with his construction experience, Wes holds an engineering degree from West Virginia University specializing in structures. Together Bill and Wes make an experienced and detail oriented team, an ideal combination for any timber frame client.

Bill & Wes Steele - Independent Representatives

I believe that my love for timber framing started with my love for the outdoors . When I was a young boy and I would disappear into the woods to go exploring for hours at a time. I would climb high into tree tops and enjoy the incredible views of the canopy branches. My construction experience started in this same era with the building of teepees and forts and tree houses deep in the woods.

Tim Crowley - Independent Representative

Chad Zimmer worked in a family business for 25 years supplying doors and hardware for commercial construction. After designing and building a 3000 sq. ft. timber frame home with Heavy Timber Truss & Frame, Chad decided to join our team and help others build their own custom timber frame dream home.

Chad Zimmer - Independent Representative

Chuck Buechele has been helping perspective homeowners plan their dream homes over the past 20+ years. Starting back in 1998, he worked for a custom millwork manufacturer. There, he mastered the interior design elements with emphasis on the appreciation for wood elements. From moldings and door style to hardwood floors and custom staircases, he believes that everything must co-exist in harmony.

Now, working with Heavy Timber Truss & Frame, Chuck has expanded his design expertise to also include the Timber Frame elements. He understands that diligent planning can ensure that construction goes smoothly and stays on budget. Let Chuck help you design your dream home today.

Chuck Buechele - Independent Representative