Timber Frame Components

Heavy Timber Truss and Frame can do many heavy timber components. The following is a partial list.

Trusses come in a variety of styles and shapes the most common are:




There are other truss styles and variations on each style truss that include: raised bottom chords, curved members, braces and more. We will discuss the room, its use and your desires and find the right solution for your application.

Stairway Systems: Timber stairway systems are a dramatic and focal point in a room. They can be straight runs, "L" shape with intermediate platforms or even curved. Three types of timber stair systems are:

1. Open tread system where the treads are mortised through the stringers with a peg dropped through the protruding tenon.
2. Closed box system where the treads are mortised into the stringers.
3. Open or closed system with cut-out stringers for the treads to rest on top.

Railings and Newels: Timber railings and newels compliment a timber stairway but can also be used with a conventional system. Typically the railings are mortised into the newel posts with pegs to provide a very authentic look. Top and bottom rails are typically used with a wooden or metal baluster in between. A dramatic effect with clear tempered glass or scenes laser cut out of steel fastened between the rails can add an interesting effect. Newel posts can be uniquely customized to add a stand alone effect.

Interior Brackets & Braces: Interior brackets & braces can be structural or simply decorative. It is amazing when braces are added to a simple post it can really dress up the whole area. Adding brackets under ridge beams is another way to create a nice effect as well.

Fireplace Mantels: A mantel over a fireplace is a perfect place to use some timber that has been cut from your property. We can fashion a mantel into many different styles. This is also an area where you might consider using a different species of timber to really stand out like using walnut, cherry or maple. Personalization can be created with by engraving a date, family name or a saying on the mantel face. We have also inlaid marble carvings and other specialties into a mantel. It's up to your imagination.

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