Energy Efficiency starts with the components used...

There is an old saying that the "sum is greater than the parts". That has great application to Heavy Timber Truss and Frame's approach to creating energy efficient timber frame homes. We know you have heard far too many companies say they are "green" but do not tell you how they will achieve it and what the benefit is to you.

The partners at Heavy Timber Truss and Frame have over 70 years of building experience . We have learned that it takes all the building envelop components working together to achieve above average performance. The end result is far more attainable when you specify and control the integration of quality products through design and assembly.

We start by selecting high energy products that are leaders in their field. We control the design process to ensure they work together rather than each acting independently. An example would be if a timber frame and panel system was supplied independently to a design by yet a third party. Both the frame and the panel suppliers would independently engineer their products to meet the required load conditions. Together they would exceed the requirements, cost more and be inefficient with your money. At HTT&F we design the timber frame to work with the design characteristics of the panels to achieve maximum efficiency at the best possible price point.

1. Work with energy efficient products that are leaders in their field.
2. Control the design process with a knowledgeable design team that understands the attributes of each component to achieve an integrated efficient design.
3. Provide an experienced installation crew the understands the building science of a proper installation of the components to achieve the tightest fit and finish from the timber frame through all the products.

Control the process and you achieve a predictable and better end product!!

Let's look at the major components specified in a Heavy Timber Truss and Frame home:

Another example is that we complete a model energy code analysis for each HTT&F home using the exact components in your home. The calculations are based on the Model Energy Code Guidelines and readily usable by local HVAV Contractors to specify the most efficient system for your new home. Too often we have seen systems "over-spec'd" based on "old habits  and the lack of information. The result is larger furnaces and cooling units that cycle excessively rather than running consistently where they perform at peak efficiency. The savings to you are in a properly sized system (less initial investment) and a long term savings with a system that operate more efficiently every day.

At HTT&F we acheive high energy efficent homes through a three step process:

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