Timber Frame Design Options

We will Work with your... sketches, photos and ideas to develop a concept plan and budget to ensure we are in balance. Adjust the design as needed and check again for your approval. This process of design-check-approve continues through scale design development drawings to ensure we never get out of balance with your plans and your budget. During this process we are estimating the work by others to complete your project. We use your specifications and obtain reported costs from your local market not some mythical average to ensure as accurate an estimate as possible.

When the Design Development drawings are completed we will provide firm pricing on your completed enclosure including: the timber frame system; design (with engineering seal if required in your locale); Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's); structural insulated panels (SIPs); window and doors, floor systems and the installation crew cost to fully erect and install all the items supplied in a timely and efficient manor.

The Design Development drawings will be used by your General Contractor and other trades to provide your with their pricing final pricing. Upon your approval your local contractor will schedule, clear and excavate your site. Concurrently we will be fabricating your timber frame, manufacturing the SIP's and scheduling the delivery of all the components to begin raising your home in earnest. A more specific description of the process is contained under the About Us tab in the Building Process section.

We will work with your Designer or Architect plans... the investment you have made in plans is money and time well spent. We will develop a full or hybrid frame and complete a Heavy Timber Package estimate of materials and services from the work you have already invested in. Once we have your approval we will work with your design team to complete the Design Development drawings, ensure the design and budget are in balance with and then proceed to construction as outlined above. This path can be implemented much quicker as the design work has been done and we can move rapidly through our process.

Pick one of our plans or one of our Retreat Series Portfolio Plans... we have our model home plan, variations of that design and are adding new completed designs based on exciting new custom homes that we have completed. We have also developed an affiliation with the nationally renowned design team at MOSS CREEK to develop a timber frame collection of homes called the RETREAT SERIES offered exclusively by Heavy Timber Truss and Frame. These plans can be quickly finalized into a building set of plans "as is" or with modifications to suit your needs.

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