While every Heavy Timber Truss & Frame home is unique a basic sequence of events is followed. 

•   When we start with a clean piece of paper and create a custom timber frame home, we will be very close to the steps outlined below.

When we start with a plan you have from a designer or an architect the process timeline can be shortened as the basic home design is known but the timber frame not developed. 

When we start with one of our Portfolio Plans the process can be further shortened as we know how the timber frame design works in relation to the other building components and can move rapidly to final approvals and the beginning of the construction sequence.

In a perfect world, this would be the entire process from beginning to end:

1) Client contacts HTT&F representative reviews home input, desires and budget. 

• If a new design from scratch is desired, information is gathered and submitted for evaluation and a teleconference scheduled

• If there is an existing design, it is submitted for an initial frame and panel estimate

• If a HTT&F Portfolio Plan is requested modifications are submitted and an estimate prepared

2) If this is a new design HTT&F generates concept frame rendering and quotation. If there is an existing design with frame defined or it is a HTT&F plan a quotation is prepared. All quotations have written specifications and are presented in person by the Representative for client review and approval.

3) When the initial design and scope of work is in balance a Purchase Agreement is prepared by HTT&F, presented by the Representative, signed by the client and a 10% payment collected to consummate the Agreement.

4) On receipt at HTT&F, the design work and preliminary engineering begins with the Client, Designer, HTT&F Representative and Sales Manager all participating in a "Go to Meeting" to review the input and set the first output dates. Periodic progress meetings are held as needed to develop the initial Schematic Drawings (SD)s and subsequent Design Development (DD) drawings. Budget is confirmed at each phase prior to proceeding.

5) When HTT&F completes the final DD drawings for final client review and approval, firm final pricing for all components and services is supplied. Prior to final approval Client uses DD drawings to finalize any other contracting bids or obtain final bank approval.

6) On approval of DD drawings a 30% progress payment is required. HTT&F then orders the specific Timbers and completes internal shop and construction drawings. Engineering is also completed with a seal during this phase.

7) Timbers arrive at shop; client is billed 30% the progress payment and provides HTT&F any final details (i.e. stain selections on tongue & groove materials). Fabrication of Timber Frame, SIP system and scheduling of all components is finalized.

8) The staggered delivery sequence is coordinated with the client, installation crew, general contractor, by HTT&F and the sales representative.

9) Two weeks prior to delivery of timber framing on site the final 30% or balance is required. Foundation and Floor deck systems are released for delivery to site.

10) Timbers and Tongue & Groove arrive on site and the crew raises the timber frames. Structural insulated panels arrive on site and are followed by the Windows & Doors per the agreed on schedule. Our crew finishes all installations and cleans the site.

Heavy Timber Truss and Frame is pleased to complete another wonderful timber frame home and turn the project over to the proud homeowner to coordinate the finish phases. We are marking a date to come back to celebrate the finished home and take a few more pictures!!

The Timber Frame Building Process

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