Residential Timber Frames

Residential homes come in all sizes and styles. Many consumers would recognize Timber Framing when it is highly visible with timbered exteriors as in Arts and Crafts or English Tudor styles. Many consumers are surprised to learn that Timber Framing is found in stately Colonial and other designs that have no hint of timber framing to the exterior but provide the structure and natural wood beauty to the living space inside.

Timber Frame homes fit well in the suburban and rural areas. They range from small cabins and cottages at a lake or in the woods to luxurious estate homes designed to take advantage of heavy timbers natural attributes. Timber framing brings the strength of purpose and the comfort of the natural elements.

Heavy Timber Truss and Frame provides the choice of a full timber frame or a Hybrid frame structure. A full timber frame provides the primary structural support for the entire building. A full timber frame is what is most often supplied by many timber frame companies whose only component is the frame itself. At Heavy Timber Truss and Frame we believe the design and budget must work together. We design to your desires but balance that with a practical approach to your budget by designing the systems to work together.
A hybrid timber frame is where part of the structural support is provided by the timber framing and other areas are supported by building components such as structural insulated panels or conventional stick framing. A timber frame hybrid is a good example of how Heavy Timber Truss & Frame balances your desires and budget. Whether it is your Entry, Foyer, Kitchen ceiling, Great Room, Master Suite or the entire structure, Heavy Timber Truss and Frame provides you with the options and choices. We design the structural wall system to provide the timbers where you want them first. The balance of your home will be designed with insulated structural panels (SIPs) and with timber accents if this makes sense. SIPs are considered the most energy efficient structural building component available. Please learn more at our Insulated Structural Panel tab in our Energy Efficiency section.

There is a growing trend for residential timber frames in urban/suburban locations for primary residences. One of the drivers of this trend is from the realization that natural beauty and comfort that is found in a timber frame structure can be enjoyed everyday. The end of a long day whether at an office or as a full time working spouse from home, there comes a time to ease back, relax and rejuvenate yourself for the days ahead. Please learn more at our Timber Frame Homes section about our
Retreat Series homes .

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