Wood Species, Textures and Finishes

Interior Timber Species
Douglas Fir
Red Oak
White Oak

There are many wonderful species of timbers to choose. For interior timber framing we primarily use :

• Douglas Fir
• Red Oak
• White Oak
• Eastern White Pine.

Typically we use the same species throughout the timber frame but occasionally we have accented the rest of the timber frames by using:

• Cherry
• Maple
• Black Walnut and other species of timbers.

It is possible in some cases for us to use timbers that came from your jobsite when the lot was cleared for some braces, struts or even a mantel.

Douglas Fir offers a number of dryness options: fresh sawn timbers, standing dead timbers, conventionally kiln dried timbers and radio frequency dried timbers. These timber dryness options gives you appearance choices to meet your objectives.

Eastern White Pine



Black Walnut

ExteriorTimber Species

There are a lot of choices of timbers that are naturally rot and insect resistant. Typically for exterior timber framing we primarily use:

• Western Red Cedar
• Cypress
• White Oak
• Port Orford Cedar
• Alaskan Yellow Cedar

All these species have attributes that are different from one another. Some are softer or some are harder, some are naturally darker in color or naturally lighter in color, some are only available in smaller dimensions than others, some have more or less grain and the specifications go on and on.

You can depend on our guidance to help you select the right choice for you..

Western Red Cedar


White Oak

Port Orford Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Heavy Timber Truss & Frame offers a wide variety of finishes. Before we apply any finish to the timbers we sand all visible sides with a fine grade of sandpaper then apply the finish.

The most popular finish on kiln dried timber is your choice of stain and then two coats of polyurethane to protect the timber. The polyurethane can be a high gloss but most choose a satin finish. This furniture quality finish is unmatched in the timber frame industry.

For timbers that are freshly sawn and still need to release moisture, we recommend a selection of colored Danish oils that can capture the look you want while protecting the timber and enhancing its natural beauty.

We will offer to send you samples of any of our finishes as these decisions are being made.

If you prefer to have your timbers unfinished we will simply sand them and pack them carefully for installation and finishing on site.

We are very careful in how we pack and wrap the timbers so they will arrive on site in very good condition and ready for erection.

Custom Finishes

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