Timber Framing, a timeless classic...

Timber Framing is a classic form of construction dating back centuries to eastern European churches and Oriental pagodas that are still used today. Its natural beauty, structural strength and long lasting durability has lead to it becoming a construction art form gracing unique structures.

Timber Framing has been renewed in the last century in modern construction for the same reasons and more. The timeless beauty of natural wood timbers provides today's home with unique designs that appeal to eye and provide a comforting strength of purpose. A
heavy timber frame home requires a fraction of the framing wood that the same conventional stick frame home would. This conservation of natural resources coupled with the building science of structural insulated panels , insulated concrete forms and quality windows and doors completes an energy efficient home envelope that exceeds the proposed National 2030 energy standards, today!

Heavy Timber Truss and Frame starts with the structural design that fits your needs. Whether it is a
primary home , a getaway cabin in the woods, a commercial building , an addition or components for any type of structure, Heavy Timber Truss and Frame is ready to listen and design the energy efficient timber frame structure that will fulfill your needs.

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